Cosmic Currency

by Narkatta




This week MalLabel Music is sailing us through the culmination of creation itself as Brooklyn, New York's, Narkatta tears at the seams in the fabric of reality in this evolutionary exploration of the soul. The concept behind the EP is exploring the instinct that all living things use to survive, and the DNA sequence that makes us competitive for success in the natural world. Each track explores this, from hearing artist speak about physical or mental wealth, to whether living organisms exist under the surface of Europa, one of Jupiter's moons.

Narkatta is a World Beat influenced Organic IDM slash Hip/Trip-Hop artist to put it as short as possible, but in reality these are just the most predominant elements in his journey through a whole world of possibilities and genres that have mostly taken a back seat to his creative process. These roads have brought him into a strong current alignment with Middle Eastern intonations along side his love for bass. This alignment shines through his music in that cultural obsession with the connection to the stars that we all share. His drive to connect humans with our ancestry in the cosmos brings light to the inspirational nature of the atmospheres in which his heavily complex compositions reside.

His newest EP, Cosmic Currency is a shining example of how that light illuminates each of his pieces as an artistic expression of the divine. 'Divine DNA' opens the EP with a glitchy exploration within ourselves while 'Genoeconomics' explores a multi-faceted journey of Eastern tones. 'Decommodification of the Modified' guides us through various elements of consciousness and finally, 'Chrematophobia' closes the EP with an almost confusing amalgamation of textures over a subtle Eastern rhythm meant to reflect the idea that the existence of money in society only confuses our purpose. Close your eyes and listen within.


released October 20, 2016

Artwork by Skultrane



all rights reserved


Narkatta Brooklyn, New York

Narkatta, [Good Looks NY] picked up the guitar after obsessing over a video of Jimi Hendrix lighting his guitar on fire at Monterey Pop Fest in '67. Idolizing Jimi, he began emulating him by experimenting with amplification and distortion of sounds with an array of guitar pedals. He combined that analog sound with the digital sounds created by his computer ... more


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